Odd Couplings
Interactive Performance
Zurich University of the Arts / Toni-Areal 2015

ODD COUPLINGS is a performance by the
Hong Kong-based choreographer Chun-ho Ivanhoe Lam
in collaboration with Swiss scenographer Barbara Pfyffer.
It is the product of a three months residency in Zurich,
during which time they built up relationships and
collaborations with a large number of artists.

The work weaves together a patchwork of small vignettes
of these collaborations into an unlikely narrative, one that
creates, by a process of delicate layering of small fragments,
an intimate look into these encounters during the stay in

Bettina Diel (Visual/Installation Artist)
Ivan Monteiro Feitosa (Media Artist)
Fabian Gutscher (Sound installation artist)
Chun-ho Ivanhoe Lam (Choreographer/Artistic Direction)
Santayana Li (Hong Kong Actress/Playwright)
Matthias Muller (Composer/Musician)
Barbara Pfyffer (Scenographer/Artistic Direction)
Nuria Prazak (Choreographer/Dancer)
Benjamin Ryser (Composer/Sound artist)
Andres Villa Torres (Interactive Media Artist)
Kaspar Weiss (Actor)